stabilizing our URLs

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Thu May 5 10:06:44 CDT 2005

Mike, Fitz, and I are about to go on a writing-spree in the next 2 
weeks.  Our plan is to finish the 1.1 topics ASAP, tag the 1.1 book, 
then declare trunk to be the "1.2 book" and document the 1.2 topics.

But maxb was right about the problem with our numbered id-tags.  As 
long as they remain numeric, it's extremely difficult to add new 
sections.  (I did it myself last week, and still missed fixing a xref 
link!)  They need to be changed into qualitative descriptions... until 
that happens, it's a real roadblock to adding all this new material.

maxb has a good suggestion.  He thinks that as we finish svn 1.1 
documentation, we create new sections with descriptive, rather than 
numeric, id-tags.   Then, when svn 1.1 docwork is finished and tagged, 
we do the great "id switchover" before starting the svn 1.2 
documentation.  Stored urls will need to be updated anyway, and once we 
have the new id-sytem in place, we can publish the 'latest' urls.

Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

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