Revision 12923

adam adam.chalkley at
Wed May 11 11:45:27 CDT 2005

First of all, the book is great.  I read it nearly non-stop when I
printed and bound pdf copy.

I noticed very minor details like misspellings and wanted to see if they
were corrected in the trunk, and they are.

Today I visted the site again to see what the latest revision was
and noticed it was 1276.  Odd.  The cover page says: 
(book compiled from Revision 12923).

After: svn checkout --revision HEAD subversion-book

and converting the xml to html that same line says:
(book compiled from Revision 1276)

What was the revision of the book that I printed?  1223?

I thought so but I checked out 1223 and generated the html page(s) and
it said it was 1223, not the strange number I had.

I don't know XML or docbook well enough to dig around and find the
differences, but I do know that version.xml is where I would check.
Unfortunately it seems it is generated from somewhere else for the
makefile to use, and I don't know where that "somewhere else" is.


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