[svnbook commit] r1304 - svn:log

maxb svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
Tue May 17 15:48:01 CDT 2005

Author: maxb
Revision: 1304
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Cleanups in the svnbook repository.

* src/nb/REVIEW
* src/nb/book-dist.py
* src/nb/HACKING
* src/nb/TODO
* src/nb/README
* src/nb/outline.txt
  Remove a bunch of uninteresting copies of 'en' files.  (If relevant
  across locales, these should perhaps be moved to the top-level src/

* src/en/book-dist.py
  Move this...

* src/tools/book-dist.py
  ...to here, and tweak a bit for use with different locales.

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