[svnbook commit] r1362 - svn:log

sunny256 svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
Thu May 26 06:47:41 CDT 2005

Author: sunny256
Revision: 1362
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Sync the Norwegian book with the English version, r1306:1360. Phew, that 
was a tough one. All the IDs have changed, and some stuff have been 
moved around. This is also the first checkin after the 1.1-final tag.

  Updated to 1360 by make sync.

* src/nb/book/appa.xml
* src/nb/book/appb.xml
* src/nb/book/appd.xml
* src/nb/book/ch01.xml
* src/nb/book/ch04.xml
  Merged r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/appc.xml
  Merged r1349, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/book.xml
  Merged r1344.

* src/nb/book/ch00.xml
  Merged r1337, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch02.xml
  Merged r1332, r1345, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch03.xml
  Merged r1347, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch05.xml
  Merged r1324, r1333, r1352, r1353, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch06.xml
  Merged r1324, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch07.xml
  Merged r1320, r1330, r1332, r1335, r1336, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch08.xml
  Merged r1331, r1334, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/ch09.xml
  Merged r1311, r1313, r1314, r1319, r1352, r1354.

* src/nb/book/copyright.xml
  Merged r1354, r1358.

* src/nb/book/foreword.xml
  Merged r1354.

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