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Charles Bailey bailey.charles at
Thu May 5 10:41:55 CDT 2005

On 5/5/05, Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman at> wrote:
> maxb has a good suggestion.  He thinks that as we finish svn 1.1
> documentation, we create new sections with descriptive, rather than
> numeric, id-tags.   Then, when svn 1.1 docwork is finished and tagged,
> we do the great "id switchover" before starting the svn 1.2
> documentation.  Stored urls will need to be updated anyway, and once we
> have the new id-sytem in place, we can publish the 'latest' urls.
> Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

Seems reasonable to me, as a lurker.

Would the more workable solution to the potential uniqueness problem
be a note to authors to grep the sources before adding a new tag, or
to suggest using a semantically "dead" string like <yyymmdd> to
minimize collisions?

>From the perspective of an outsider, the former seems the better
choice -- the latter's not really a solution -- but it may imply more
work for committers, to whom would fall final responsibility for
insuring that new tags were unique (especially for patches that've sat
in the issue tracker for N months).

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