stabilizing our URLs

Max Bowsher maxb at
Thu May 5 11:40:13 CDT 2005

Charles Bailey wrote:
> On 5/5/05, Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman at> wrote:
>> maxb has a good suggestion.  He thinks that as we finish svn 1.1
>> documentation, we create new sections with descriptive, rather than
>> numeric, id-tags.   Then, when svn 1.1 docwork is finished and tagged,
>> we do the great "id switchover" before starting the svn 1.2
>> documentation.  Stored urls will need to be updated anyway, and once we
>> have the new id-sytem in place, we can publish the 'latest' urls.
>> Does that sound reasonable to everyone?
> Seems reasonable to me, as a lurker.
> Would the more workable solution to the potential uniqueness problem
> be a note to authors to grep the sources before adding a new tag, or
> to suggest using a semantically "dead" string like <yyymmdd> to
> minimize collisions?
> From the perspective of an outsider, the former seems the better
> choice -- the latter's not really a solution -- but it may imply more
> work for committers, to whom would fall final responsibility for
> insuring that new tags were unique (especially for patches that've sat
> in the issue tracker for N months).

Better, neither of the above.

Use heirarchical but descriptive names, so that it is not necessary to grep, 
just glance through the innermost section or subsection.

I'm compiling a more detailed proposal now.


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