Again and again about translation svnbook on Russian

Max Bowsher maxb at
Fri May 6 08:02:01 CDT 2005

dmitriy lopatko wrote:
> Hello.
> I am the participant of working group on translation svnbook on Russian 
> and
> one of two moderators of a mailing list l10n-ru at
> In far 2004 I have addressed in dev at
> ( with the request for
> granting 'write access' in Subversion repository for accommodation of
> chapters svnbook which I have translated.
> I have received such answer from Erik Huelsmann <e.huelsmann at>:
>> The full committers think that having one committer for a translation is
>> too big a risk for the quality of the translation, so that it has a high
>> probability of ending up defunct.
>> Because of that we have a problem with the current russian translation
>> in the Subversion tree. Replacing it with yours would not solve the
>> problem, since Dimitriy seems absent thus you would be the only committer
>> for the translation. We do not want that and therefor we cannot grant you
>> commit access to the subversion repository at this time. I'm sorry.
> For today our working group totals at least four active participants.
> However the problem consists that is difficult to be engaged in command
> development not having one of the main tools for this purpose - is
> repository.
> Yes, Dmitriy Popkov <dimentiy at> has 'write access', but
> probably has no enough time to be engaged in translation. To this I have
> decided to address once again with the request for granting 'write access'
> in for me.

Excellent! It's great that you have gathered four participants - could you 
tell us who they are, please!

Also, do you have existing translated text, and if so, what English revision 
number is it based on?

Have you decided what method you will use to keep current with updates to 
the English book? It's best to plan this early on.


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