[BOOK PATCH] Re: revision no of the WC

kfogel at collab.net kfogel at collab.net
Fri May 6 10:57:02 CDT 2005

"Max Bowsher" <maxb at ukf.net> writes:
> Should this patch be committed? Issuezilla-ed?
> It seems good to me except:
> - no documentation of TRAIL_URL
> - minor style point: Description and Synopsis sections should be just
> direct parts of the enclosing section, for uniformity with the rest of
> the chapter.

D'oh.  I totally meant to document TRAIL_URL, I just got distracted
and forgot.

I'm not sure how make the Description and Synopsis just be "direct
parts" of the section.  Most the other synopses are per subcommand,
not for the entire command, and are inside <refsect1> inside a
<refentry>.  It seemed to me like there was no clear analog between
the other sections and what to do for svnversion...

I'll add the TRAIL_URL stuff, figure out something for the XML
arrangement, and commit up.  If you have suggestions, though, let me
know -- this won't be for another hour or two.


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