I want to translate the svnbook into Simplified Chinese

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Sun May 8 12:37:38 CDT 2005

daijun sun wrote:
> ; ) fotgot the attachment!
> On 5/6/05, daijun sun <daijun at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ok, I had registe a user at tigris.org <http://tigris.org> with the name
>> 'rocksun'. I also want to learn some knowledges about open source
>> community. The attachments is some translations I has done last year. I
>> can start my work qucikly.

What you have attached seems to be some _plain text_ translations of parts 
of the book.

We need to confirm that you understand that an official translation needs to 
be a translation of the DocBook XML formatted source, not any other format.


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