French translation

Gissehel gissehel-svnbook at
Thu May 12 13:03:11 CDT 2005

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 08:38:27AM +0200, R?gis Kuckaertz wrote:
> Gissehel wrote:
> >  It look like there is currently no French translation for the book.
> >
> >  If noone is currently working on the book, I'm ready to start the 
> >French translation.
> Hi,
> I'd also be interested in working on a french translation, please tell me 
> if you need assistance.

Hi, I was about to start working in my own repository (in 
fact, I started working, but that's just few lines).

If you're trying to contribute, I'll perhaps create a "temporary" 
berlios project as a "fork" until there is a way (direct, or 
indirect via patch) to work on the official repository.

If no-one in this list is against a "language-fork" (I don't like 
forks) for French, I'll setup a project svnbookfr on berlios 
(svn repository).

I'll probably send the registration informations on Friday 13th if
nobody thinks that's a bad idea.


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