Again and again about translation svnbook on Russian

dmitriy lopatko dmitrii at
Sun May 15 11:33:49 CDT 2005

Hello Max.

I have not absolutely understood, more truly, at all have not understood this 

r1271 | maxb | 2005-05-08 20:18:12 +0300 (Sun, 08 May 2005) | 6 lines

Delete Russian directory again. There have been changes to the English book,
and no translation yet. Let us actually wait for there to be real concrete
material visible on the mailing list before creating this directory again.

* ru/: Delete.

By means of what magic spells it is possible to add in a repository 
translation not having there access?

I repeatedly addressed in mailing lists with the request to give an 
opportunity to place in repository translation which I have. I repeatedly 
spoke that I personally have translation into Russian of the following files:
- foreword.xml
- ch00.xml
- ch01.xml
- ch02.xml
- ch01dia1.png
- ch02dia1.png
For today - on May, 15, 2005 - I have edited translation of a file ch00.xml 
and now this file fully complies with last original English version.

First you, Max, restore a directory ru/, I address to you with the request for 
granting an opportunity to place translation, the answer I do not receive. 
And you again delete a directory ru/. I cannot understand it.

I send to you my letter from May, 7 once again.

On Friday 06 May 2005 16:02, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Excellent! It's great that you have gathered four participants - could you
> tell us who they are, please!

I can list the following participants:

dmitriy lopatko <dmitrii_lopatko at>
Maverick Crank GRey <maverick.crank.grey at> 
"vassily ragosin" <vr at>
Dmitriy Popkov <dimentiy at>
FLamY <flamy at>
Alexander Leschinsky <badger at>

> Also, do you have existing translated text, and if so, what English
> revision number is it based on?

Yes, I personally have full translation of the following files:
- foreword.xml
- ch00.xml
- ch01.xml
- ch02.xml
- ch01dia1.png
- ch02dia1.png
Translation is based on revision 10749. By the way, I already spoke about it 
many times.

Big revision number because at that time the book still was in the main tree 
of source code. But I think, that this translation is obsolete not too 

> Have you decided what method you will use to keep current with updates to
> the English book? It's best to plan this early on.

Yes, have decided. The same mechanism, as in the Norwegian edition of the book 
will be used. That is, while translating the original text will be saved and 
mark special markers (<!-- @ENGLISH {{{ ... @ENGLISH }}} -->). And, from time 
to time, merge of last English version to Russian translation will be carried 
out. Makefile for performance of such synchronization I have already written.

Besides we would like translate to Russian this page - It would allow Russian-speaking users, as well 
as for example speaking on Italian or Spanish, always to have access to last 
translation revision.

with best regards,

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