Again and again about translation svnbook on Russian

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun May 15 15:37:22 CDT 2005

dmitriy lopatko wrote:

>* ru/: Delete.
>By means of what magic spells it is possible to add in a repository 
>translation not having there access?
Via patch (or in this case, new file) submission. 

By submitting a patch with the work you've done so far, you demonstrate 
progress and offer folks a chance to verify that you are working in 
compliance with project guidelines.  This is no different than a sane 
open source software project -- commit access is granted to person when 
he demonstrates that he can be trusted with that access; that his work 
is so good that it would cost way more to review and apply his patches 
than just to let him commit and do post-facto review of his work.

>Besides we would like translate to Russian this page - 
> It would allow Russian-speaking users, as well 
>as for example speaking on Italian or Spanish, always to have access to last 
>translation revision.

So, please send:

    * a tarball of the work you have so far
    * the full names, usernames, and email addresses of the folks on
      your team that need commit access

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