Hi, I felt a little disappointed!

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Mon May 16 13:40:53 CDT 2005

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
>> Rock S wrote:
>>> Thanks, Michael. I see. I could wait the 1.2 release!
>>> But I want to know who can decide to accept me.
>>> Who can give me the account of the repository!
>> Commit access to the repository is ultimately granted by someone with
>> the permission to tweak the password file on the server.  Generally
>> speaking, that's going to be somebody on this list with an email address
>> ending in @red-bean.com.  But the decision on who /should/ receive that
>> access is a decision made by the translation coordinator (of which we
>> have kinda none right now) and full committers, I think.

Regarding granting of commit access, we ask that some small portion of the 
book be translated and emailed to this list, first. This is to confirm that 
the team is organized, and allow a bit of initial review amongst the team 
before the first parts of translation enter the repository.


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