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Régis Kuckaertz regis at
Wed May 18 02:10:09 CDT 2005

Gissehel wrote:
> On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 08:38:27AM +0200, R?gis Kuckaertz wrote:
>>Gissehel wrote:
>>> It look like there is currently no French translation for the book.
>>> If noone is currently working on the book, I'm ready to start the 
>>>French translation.
>>I'd also be interested in working on a french translation, please tell me 
>>if you need assistance.
> Hi, I was about to start working in my own repository (in 
> fact, I started working, but that's just few lines).
> If you're trying to contribute, I'll perhaps create a "temporary" 
> berlios project as a "fork" until there is a way (direct, or 
> indirect via patch) to work on the official repository.
> If no-one in this list is against a "language-fork" (I don't like 
> forks) for French, I'll setup a project svnbookfr on berlios 
> (svn repository).
> I'll probably send the registration informations on Friday 13th if
> nobody thinks that's a bad idea.
> Gissehel

I'm getting back to you with the french translation of the book.

Have you created the berlios repository as suggested above?

If you are still interested in me bringing you some help, maybe we can organize 
ourselves and plan some milestones...


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