stabilize path names in html output

Max Bowsher maxb at
Wed May 18 08:12:17 CDT 2005

Olaf Hering wrote:
> svnbook-trunk/src/en/TODO lists an action item for someone:
>  - we seem to inconsistently assume repositories live either in
>    /usr/local/svn/ or /usr/local/repositories/ throughout the book.
>    We ought to consistify to /var/svn.
> Now, I havent seen someone posting anything to this list, but I want it
> fixed soon.
> There are things like '/path/to/svnserve' and '/usr/local/bin/svnserve' in
> chapter 6. Maybe these path names should look like
> instead of '/path/to/repos'
> My question is, where should I place the sed command to replace the
> placeholder with the final string? I came up with this patch which appears
> to work for me.

Sorry, but this is a really nasty hack. If we wanted to do any build time 
substitutions, then the correct way to do it would be with XML entities, as 
is currently done to substitute the revision number into the title page of 
the book.

However, the book is a general piece of information not necessarily 
customized for any particular Subversion installation, so I do not think 
customized substitutions are required.

There are already several different preferences for a system repository base 
path, and of course repositories can actually go anywhere at all, so I think 
it's fine just to use one in the book, and let people apply their personal 
preferences to their own systems.

Regarding binary paths, I suggest just using "/usr/bin/" everywhere - anyone 
who custom-installs Subversion somewhere else will easily understand the 
change they need to make to examples.


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