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sussman wrote:

>Author: sussman
>Date: Tue May 24 20:16:41 2005
>New Revision: 1330
You're a madman.  Here's the review you requested.

>+      <para>Most modern operating systems have a notion
>+        of <quote>current locale</quote>—that is, the current
>+        region or country that the computer is located in.  The value
>+        of the locale affects the way in which programs present data
>+        to the user, as well as the way in which they accept user
>+        input.</para>
Here, and throughout this section, you should not refer to "the value of 
the locale".  You've defined a locale, but it isn't the /locale /that 
affects anything on the computer -- it's the values of configuration 
tokens related to certain display characteristics and conventions that 
often differ from locale to locale.

>+      <para>On Unix-like systems, the value of the current locale can
>+        be seen by running the <command>locale</command>
>+        command:</para>
Again, the "locale" program shows not the value of the locale (is that 
something studied by the social sciences? :-) ), but the values of 
environment variables which control various display conventions that are 
locale-dependent.  I know it might sound like I'm splitting hairs, but 
we should avoid sounding ignorant (even if we really are).

>+      <screen>
>+$ locale
>+      <para>The output is a list of locale-related environment
>+        variables and their current values.  In this example, the
Ah,  Now *that's* the Truth I've been searching for.

>+      <para>The Subversion client, <command>svn</command>, makes use
>+        of the current locale in two ways.  First, it notices the
How about, "...honors the current locale configuration in two ways."

>+        using the GNU <command>gettext</command> package, which
Package != command.  There's no need to add markup to "gettext" when 
used in this way, just as we don't add markup every time we refer to 

>+        results in translation <quote>modules</quote> that end
Lose the <quote>'s.  They are modules.

>+        system.  On Unix, they typically live
>+        in <filename>/usr/local/share/locale/</filename>, while on
If we standardize on /usr/bin as the install path, is this still true?  
Or does it become /usr/share/locale/ ?

>+        as <filename>/usr/local/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/subversion.mo</filename>.
(Same here.)

>+      <para>The second way in which locale is important is that it
>+        tells the <command>svn</command> program how to interpret your
>+        input.  The repository stores all paths, filenames, and log
"The second way in which the locale is honored involves how 
<command>svn</command> interprets your input.

>+      <para>For example, suppose you create a file
>+        named<filename>caffè.txt</filename>, and then when committing
>+        the file, you write the log message as <quote>Adesso il caffè
>+        è più forte</quote>.  Both the filename and log message
. o O ( If there's ever another hardcopy, I hope ORA's input filters can 
deal with this stuff... )

>+      <sidebar>
>+        <title>"Error: can't recode string"</title>
>+        <para>Are you seeing this error?  It means that the Subversion
Objection -- leading the witness!  Also, I think it's bad form for the 
paragraphs in a section to actually depend on the section title having 
been read.  I know, that might sound odd, but that's just me.  Suggest 
giving a more generic title ("String recoding errors", say) and moving 
the specifics into the main text.

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