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Thu Sep 1 14:11:35 CDT 2005

Author: cmpilato
Date: Thu Sep  1 14:11:34 2005
New Revision: 1660

* src/en/book/ch05.xml
  (Repository Data Stores): Was 'Repository Data-Stores'.  Don't hyphenate
    'data-stores'.  Also, add cute footnote about the pronunciation of FSFS.

Modified: trunk/src/en/book/ch05.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/ch05.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/ch05.xml	Thu Sep  1 14:11:34 2005
@@ -150,16 +150,21 @@
     <!-- =============================================================== -->
     <sect2 id="svn.reposadmin.basics.backends">
-      <title>Repository Data-Stores</title>
+      <title>Repository Data Stores</title>
       <para>As of Subversion 1.1, there are two options for storing
         data in a Subversion repository.  One type of repository
         stores everything in a Berkeley DB database; the other kind
         stores data in ordinary flat files, using a custom
         format.  Because Subversion developers often refer to a
-        repository as <quote>The [Versioned] Filesystem</quote>, they have
+        repository as <quote>the (versioned) filesystem</quote>, they have
         adopted the habit of referring to the latter type of repository as
-        <firstterm>FSFS</firstterm>: that is, it's a versioned
+        <firstterm>FSFS</firstterm>
+        <footnote>
+          <para>Pronounced <quote>fuzz-fuzz</quote>, if Jack
+            Repenning has anything to say about it.</para>
+        </footnote>
+        —a versioned
         filesystem implementation that uses the native OS filesystem
         to store data.</para>
@@ -177,7 +182,7 @@
       <table id="svn.reposadmin.basics.backends.tbl-1">
-        <title>Repository Data-Store Comparison</title>
+        <title>Repository Data Store Comparison</title>
         <tgroup cols="3">

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