1.2 Book Status

Himanshu Gohel gohel at cse.usf.edu
Fri Sep 30 22:16:38 CDT 2005

> From: Jan Normann Nielsen [mailto:lists at dubbekarl.dk] 
> SVN 1.2.x has been out there for quite some time, but the 1.2 book is 
> still "nightly" which means that I cannot get a PDF (and I 
> don't wish to build it myself). Is the 1.2 expected to be final soon?

There is a PDF included with the source tarball in the doc/book directory,
but it's not the same as the HTML on the server it's based on revision 1597,
whereas the book online is based on revision 1714.

Does revision 1597 correspond to the subversion-1.2.3 release?

I'm in the process of following the HOWTO.Docbook file to regenerate the
documentation locally.


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