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Author: gradha
Date: Mon Jan 16 15:37:30 2006
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Book Spanish. Translated one paragraph.

Modified: trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml
--- trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	Mon Jan 16 15:37:30 2006
@@ -1235,15 +1235,15 @@
 joessh = $JOESSH /opt/alternate/ssh -p 29934
-      <para>This example demonstrates a couple of things.  First, it
-        shows how to make the Subversion client launch a very specific
-        tunneling binary (the one located at
-        <filename>/opt/alternate/ssh</filename>) with specific
-        options.  In this case, accessing a
-        <literal>svn+joessh://</literal> URL would invoke the
-        particular SSH binary with <option>-p 29934</option> as
-        arguments—useful if you want the tunnel program to
-        connect to a non-standard port.</para>
+      <para>Este ejemplo muestra varias cosas. Primero, enseña cómo
+        hacer que el cliente de Subversion lance un
+        binario de túnel muy específico (uno ubicado
+        en <filename>/opt/alternate/ssh</filename>) con
+        opciones específicas. En este caso, acceder a la
+        URL <literal>svn+joessh://</literal> invocaría este
+        particular binario de SSH con <option>-p 29934</option>
+        como parámetro—útil si desea que el programa de túnel
+        se conecte a un puerto no estándar.</para>
       <para>Second, it shows how to define a custom environment
         variable that can override the name of the tunneling program.

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