Query about Japanese Translation

Tetsuto Teddy Nishiyama (work) tnishi at ari.ncl.omron.co.jp
Fri Jan 27 21:52:23 CST 2006

Hi all,

My name is Teddy Nishiyama, writing from Japan.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post (I just joined),
but I was wondering if any of you were aware of the
Japanese translation of the Subversion book done by
Tez Kamihira?  Maybe someone here is familiar with him?
His translation can be found here:


My friend, Jim Blandy, had suggested the possibility of
my starting a Japanese translation project, but when I
did a search I came upon this translation which Jim
was not aware of so he directed me here.

I did a very quick scan of the translation and it looks
to be complete and it seems that Tez is maintaining the page
regularly with the most recent update being December 26,

If anyone here is aware of this translation, I was
wondering if there were plans (if any) to include
this translation on the Subversion book page that you
have at red-bean?  ...and if not, what we can do to get
it included (if there's interest of course).

Thanks and Regards,

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