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Sun Jan 29 04:19:58 CST 2006

Author: gradha
Date: Sun Jan 29 04:19:49 2006
New Revision: 1962


Book Spanish. Translated one paragraph.

Modified: trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml
--- trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/es/book/ch06.xml	Sun Jan 29 04:19:49 2006
@@ -1481,16 +1481,16 @@
-      <para>Using the previous syntax, Apache will delegate the
-        handling of all URLs whose path portions begin with
-        <filename>/svn/</filename> to the Subversion DAV provider,
-        which will then assume that any items in the directory
-        specified by the <literal>SVNParentPath</literal> directive
-        are actually Subversion repositories.  This is a particularly
-        convenient syntax in that, unlike the use of the
-        <filename>SVNPath</filename> directive, you don't have to
-        restart Apache in order to create and network new
-        repositories.</para>      
+      <para>Usando la sintaxis anterior, Apache delegará el control
+        de todas las URLs cuyas porciones comiencen con
+        <filename>/svn/</filename> al proveedor DAV de
+        Subversion, quien asumirá que todos los elementos
+        en el directorio especificado por la directiva
+        <literal>SVNParentPath</literal> son en realidad repositorios
+        de Subversion.  Esta es una sintaxis particularmente
+        conveniente, ya que a diferencia de la directiva
+        <filename>SVNPath</filename>, no necesita reiniciar Apache
+        para crear y hacer disponibles nuevos repositorios.</para>
       <para>Be sure that when you define your new
         <literal>Location</literal>, it doesn't overlap with other

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