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Date: Mon Jan 30 15:46:08 2006
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Sync the Norwegian book against the English files, r1911:1965.

  Updated by make sync.

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  Updated r1929, r1945, r1955, r1963.

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@@ -994,10 +994,7 @@
     <para>One such tool is cvs2svn
       (<ulink url="http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/"/>), a Python script
       originally created by members of Subversion's own development
-      community.  Others include Chia-liang Kao's Subversion converter
-      plugin to the VCP tool
-      (<ulink url="http://svn.clkao.org/revml/branches/svn-perl/"/>)
-      and Lev Serebryakov's RefineCVS
+      community.  Others include Lev Serebryakov's RefineCVS
       (<ulink url="http://lev.serebryakov.spb.ru/refinecvs/"/>).
       These tools have various levels of completeness, and may make
       entirely different decisions about how to handle your CVS
@@ -1009,9 +1006,7 @@
     <para>Et slikt verktøy er cvs2svn (<ulink 
       url="http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/"/>), et Pythonskript originalt 
       laget av medlemmer fra Subversions utviklermiljø.
-      Andre inkluderer et programtillegg av Chia-liang Kao til verktøyet 
-      VCP (<ulink url="http://svn.clkao.org/revml/branches/svn-perl/"/>) 
-      og Lev Serebryakovs RefineCVS (<ulink 
+      Et annet er Lev Serebryakovs RefineCVS (<ulink 
       Disse verktøyene er komplette i varierende grad, og kan komme til 
       å gjøre helt forskjellige vurderinger om hvordan historien til 

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@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@
               <literal>REPORT</literal>, which allows the client and
               server to perform customized data exchanges.  While
               DeltaV defines a number of standardized history reports
-              that a client can request, the the server is also free
+              that a client can request, the server is also free
               to define custom reports.  The client sends a
               <literal>REPORT</literal> request with a
               properly-labeled XML body full of custom data; assuming
@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@
           the Mac OS X, they do not appear to support WebDAV directly
           on that platform.  In fact, on Mac OS X, the
           <guimenu>File->Open</guimenu> dialog box doesn't allow
-          one to type a path or URL at all.  It's likely that the the
+          one to type a path or URL at all.  It's likely that the
           WebDAV features were deliberately left out of Macintosh
           versions of these programs, since OS X already provides such
           excellent low-level filesystem support for WebDAV.</para>

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@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@
+      <year>2006</year>
       <holder>Ben Collins-Sussman</holder>
       <holder>Brian W. Fitzpatrick</holder>
       <holder>C. Michael Pilato</holder>

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+++ trunk/src/nb/book/ch04.xml	Mon Jan 30 15:46:08 2006
@@ -3195,7 +3195,7 @@
           hand-tracked to avoid the problem of repeated merges (as
           described in <xref linkend="svn.branchmerge.copychanges.bestprac.track"/>).  You'll
           need to write careful log messages detailing exactly which
-          revision ranges have been been merged already (as
+          revision ranges have been merged already (as
           demonstrated in <xref linkend="svn.branchmerge.commonuses.wholebr"/>).  It
           may sound intimidating, but it's actually pretty easy to

Modified: trunk/src/nb/book/ch06.xml
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+++ trunk/src/nb/book/ch06.xml	Mon Jan 30 15:46:08 2006
@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@
             password on disk.  Because the encryption key is managed
             by Windows and is tied to the user's own login
             credentials, only the user can decrypt the cached
-            password.  (Note: if the the user's Windows account
+            password.  (Note: if the user's Windows account
             password is changed, all of the cached passwords become
             undecipherable.  The Subversion client will behave as if
             they don't exist, prompting for passwords when
@@ -1994,7 +1994,7 @@
         <!-- @ENGLISH {{{
         <para>A final word of caution: giving a user access to the
           server via public-key in a shared account might still allow
-          other forms of SSH access, even if you've set the
+          other forms of SSH access, even if you've set
           the <literal>command</literal> value
           in <filename>authorized_keys</filename>.  For example, the
           user may still get shell access through SSH, or be able to

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