Trac for svnbook?

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Tue Jan 31 07:16:53 CST 2006

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Max Bowsher wrote:
> When we began using Bugzilla, it was asked 'Why not Trac?'.
> The answer was 'because the server already has Bugzilla installed'.
> Well, the server now has Trac installed too, and I'm curious to see Trac
> in action on a project that I am involved with, so, if consensus leans
> that way, I'm willing to do the admin work.

I actually started down the Trac-for-svnbook route the other night, but
I ended up deleting my Trac environment until I had some questions
answered.  One such question: do we really need another Subversion
repository for our Trac stuffs, or can they live in a separate top-level
subdir of our existing repository?  (And then, do we actually want that?)

All that to say, +1 on migrating our handful of issues to Trac.

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