[BUG REPORT] Subversion Book 1.5 r2986

TheDoctor at nerdshack.com TheDoctor at nerdshack.com
Tue Mar 4 19:04:41 CST 2008


I was looking for info on the schemas for xml as generated by  
Subversion commands.

I noticed on page 218 (the 240th page) of the PDF version (r2986)  
that the '--version' description (directly above --with-all-revprops)  
appears twice.


The Doc

PS There appears to be no Subversion output xml schema info in the book.
[This would have been useful as I'm trying to determine the  
difference between
<wc-status props="none"… and …props="normal"….  The non-xml output  
appears to have props="normal" equivalent.]
Also, BTW, there appears to be virtually no info on 'with-all- 
revprops', anywhere.  Googling it produces exactly 2 hits, neither  
provide any info.  There's no mention of it in <http:// 

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