pt-BR translation group's revival

CĂ©lio Cidral Junior ccidral.newsbox at
Fri Mar 7 05:52:19 CST 2008


I sent this message some time ago and got no response until now. We
have a good number of active translators, some of them have already
translated a significant amount of text and are now waiting for a
repository where they can commit their work to. If it is possible to
provide us a new branch in the official repository, please let me

My best regards,


2008/1/18, Célio Cidral Junior <ccidral.newsbox at>:
> Hello,
>  As the guys who maintain the svn book repo may have already noticed,
>  the pt-BR translation work has been stagnant for quite a while (for a
>  very huge time, to be honest).  And I'm very sorry for that, since it
>  consumed time and patience from people like maxb in the past in order
>  to create and mantain the pt_BR branch.  My apologies for any
>  inconvenience.
>  However, since a significant number of people has recently approached
>  the mailing list willing to complete the translation (most of them for
>  necessity reasons), we want to give life to the project again, and
>  this time for real.  That's why I would like to ask you, the book
>  maintainer guys, to create a copy of the 1.4 tag for us, replacing the
>  actual pt_BR directory (it's a branch of the 1.2 version!)  In
>  addition, we will need a small number of user accounts in the repo
>  with write permissions, if possible.  I can send the list of user
>  names later.
>  Again, my apologies for any inconvenience.  This time we feel that we
>  are able to finish the translation and stop bothering you.   :-)
>  My best regards,
>  Célio

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