Suggested improvement to svn:eol-style with Auto Properties

Tim tim94928 at
Sat Mar 8 08:52:41 CST 2008


It took me a really long time to determine how to
automatically set svn:eol-style.
I highly recommend you improve the book in this area.

I use Mac, Unix and Windows so this is a very
important feature.

I found partial answers and hints in all of these
       Chapter 3, Automatic Property Setting
       Chapter 3, End-of-Line Character Sequences
       Chapter 7, Configuration Options
       Chapter 9, svn add
       FAQ: How can I set certain properties on
everything in the repository?

But since I couldn't find an explicit answer I was
constantly doing this:
    svn add newfile.txt
    svn propset svn:eol-style native newfile.txt

Finally, I found the clue in the second to last
sentence of Chapter 7 Config where it says "You can
find several examples of auto-props in the config
file".  This clue was pretty hard to find.

To make this easier for new people like me, I
recommend you add the following paragraph to Chapter 3
End of Line Character Sequences, just after the table
where you define 'native', CRLF, LF and CR:


Using auto properties and a configuration file, you
can set svn:eol-style automatically whenever you add a
text file such as *.txt, *.cpp, or *.html.   The
location of the configuration file is described in the
section "Configuration Area Layout".  The capabilities
of Auto properties are described in the section "Auto


In addition, take the last paragraph of the section
called "Config" and make it the start of a new section
called "Auto Properties" so it is easier to find.



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