TODO: Don't recommend that folks hand-edit svn:mergeinfo

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Mon Mar 24 14:19:12 CDT 2008

This from #svn-dev a few minutes ago:

<cmpilato> sussman: i'm starting to think that the book should *definitely* 
avoid recommending that folks hand-munge their svn:mergeinfo properties.
<sussman> doesn't the book already say that?
<sussman> "don't do that unless you really know what you're doing"
<sussman> the only time it recommends doing it, is to 'block' a revision
<sussman> and it has a big warning about why that's still potentially dangerous
<cmpilato> yeah, but i worry that "you know what you're doing" is a criteria 
almost no one will meet.
<cmpilato> we should only ever recommend 'svn merge --record-only', methinks.
<sussman> ahhhh.
<sussman> to block a revision, even.
<sussman> that still works, right?
<cmpilato> obvious syntax gaffes aside, i'm concerned about folks not 
understanding how mergeinfo gets normalized to deal with renames in the 
source path and such.
<cmpilato> re: blocking: yup.
<sussman> ok
<sussman> can you file a ticket for me on this?
<cmpilato> no time for ticket, but i can mail svnbook-dev@ if that will help.
<sussman> that's fine

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