Review of chapter 4 - Branching and Merging

Paul Burba ptburba at
Wed Mar 19 12:26:16 CDT 2008

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Paul Burba <pburba at> wrote:
> Dear book authors,
>  Here's a review of the merging aspects of chapter 4 (and related entries
>  in
>  ch09 reference), including input from Paul Burba.
>  [[[
>  Branching and Merging (ch04)
>  ============================
>  Keeping a Branch in Sync
>  ------------------------
>  On first introducing the basic merge command, reinforce that "svn merge
>  URL"
>  means to merge changes *from* URL into WC.
>  After reintegrating, say that I can continue working on the branch and
>  catch
>  up and reintegrate again, or I can delete the branch, or leave it there
>  and
>  make that decision later. (Paul noticed a bug in that self-referential
>  mergeinfo is currently created by these further catch-up and reintegrate
>  cycles; he will look into fixing this.)

I just fixed that bug (r29958) and nominated it for backport.


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