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#99: ch09: document svnserve --pid-file parameter
  Reporter:  cmpilato     |       Owner:  fitz         
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  Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  1.5          
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Changes (by sussman):

  * owner:  sussman => fitz
  * summary:  ch06: document svnserve --pid-file parameter => ch09:
              document svnserve --pid-file parameter


 After pondering this a while, I just can't see how to make this fit into
 chapter 6.  The intro to svnserve explains four methods for starting up
 svnserve, but this new --pid-file flag isn't really relevant to any of
 them.  I mean, it *might* be useful to a few people doing rare things
 (like writing a SysV Init script), but these use cases are so obscure that
 it's not worth introducing the option in our conversational introduction
 to svnserve. (We don't want to overwhelm the user with every option --
 just the common ones.)

 It should be documented in chapter 9, in the svnserve complete reference,
 along with a few other obscure options.  Handing off to fitz.

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