performance tuning notes

Dan Christian dchristian at
Tue May 6 19:04:15 CDT 2008

I didn't see anything in the book about subversion server performance
tuning, so I wrote up some of my experience (attached).

There are some things I need help with:

I'm not sure where this should go.  It doesn't quite fit in any
existing section.

I haven't dealt with the XML layout before.  Is there someone who
could map the raw content into XML for me?  I'm pretty short on time,
so I don't know how long it will take if I'm doing it.  Is there a
timeline for "releasing" the book?

The tuning examples use Linux specific options (because that's what I
know and use).  It would be nice to map the same concepts onto
Solaris, BSD, OS-X, Windows, etc; but we would need other people to
contribute/test the specifics.

-Dan C
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