Using SASL on Windows

Simon Large simon.tortoisesvn at
Fri May 9 17:49:46 CDT 2008

Hi folks,

I have just tried getting svnserve + SASL working on Windows, with
help from Mark Phippard, and there are a few additions/corrections
needed to the svn.serverconfig.svnserve.sasl section.

1. You talk about the subversion.conf file, but on Windows at least it
is called svn.conf.

2. Under Windows the default name for the database file is sasldb2
located in C:\CMU. If you do not specify anything in svn.conf, this is
where SASL will look for it when trying to authenticate for

3. However, you can specify the SASL database file to use by adding
another line to svn.conf, of the form:
sasldb_path: c:\svn_repository\sasldb
That is, a file called sasldb in c:\svn_repository

4. The registry keys could be better described:
SearchPath - directory path containing the sasl*.dll plugins, e.g.
saslCRAMMD5.dll (we're not talking about libsasl.dll here).
ConfFile - directory path containing the svn.conf file. Note the
inconsistency here: this is the directory containing the conf file,
whereas the sasldb_path value in the conf file points to the database
file itself, not its containing directory.

5. When using saslpasswd2 on Windows, you need to specify the database
file explicitly (don't think it will use c:\CMU\sasldb2 as a default),
so a better example of the command line would be:

saslpasswd2 -c -f c:\svn_repository\sasldb -u realm username

6. Windows users don't (usually) build their own programs - they have
servants/developers to do that for them ;-) So where are they gonna
get saslpasswd2 from? Open Collab Net have a convenient svn server
installer which includes these programs, and even installs svnserve as
a service. Might be worth a mention. Not sure what link you would
provide as it only exists on the merge-tracking/Beta site at present.


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