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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Fri May 2 09:56:33 CDT 2008

Brian W. Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Maybe I'm misreading the proofreading marks?  I keep seeing --foo (-f)
> with each parenthesis circled and marked 'cw'. I assumed  that this
> meant to just glom the whole thing into fixed width, but maybe the
> intent was to just glom the parens inside of the markeup?
> -Fitz, clearly confused.

Where are you seeing this?  What page of the copyedits can I refer to?  Most 
of the spots you changed in chapter 2 appear unmarked in my copy of those 
pages, and in fact on pages 38 and 39 I can see that your editor marked up 
the spaces in "--revision (-r)", "--change (-c)", and "--verbose (-v)" with 
the "(rom)" marking -- pointing out that at least the space character is not 
part of the option (and should be rendered in the normal roman font).  The 
parentheses are no more a part of the option than the space is, so it seems 
quite wrong to demand that those be marked up as such.

Oh!  I see, now!  You were making tweaks in chapter 2 based on markings in 
chapter 9!

I'll ask O'Reilly what convention they want:

    <option>--long-opt</option> (<option>-l</option>)   # markup-correct
    <option>--long-opt</option> <option>(-l)</option>   # looks best
    <option>--long-opt (-l)</option>                    # simplest markup

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