performance tuning notes

Blair Zajac blair at
Wed May 7 12:26:25 CDT 2008

Dan Christian wrote:
> I didn't see anything in the book about subversion server performance
> tuning, so I wrote up some of my experience (attached).


This is a great writeup.

> High storage system reliability:

> The simplest step is to do periodic backups of the repository.  This
> limits the loss to the changes that happened since the last backup.
> If the repository is large and the commit rate is high, it may be
> impossible to backup frequently enough to prevent significant data
> loss.  For example, if your repository gets one commit per second and
> you do a backup every hour, you may lose 3600 revisions if the disk
> fails.  This is a large scale example, but the point is to gather
> your own numbers and figure out how much you might lose.

This section should mention that if you do do 1 commit per second into a 
repository that has hundreds of thousands of commits, have a post-commit script 
that runs svnadmin dump --incremental -r N of that commit onto a separate 
partition/server, so if you need to recover, you take the last full backup and 
roll up the remaining individual commits.  This is separate from any RAID or 
other storage solutions you have.

You could also mention for block level replication on the 
svn filesystem if you don't have storage that does snap-mirroring.


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