[SvnBook] #116: ch09: Document SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn directive

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#116: ch09: Document SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn directive
  Reporter:  cmpilato  |       Owner:  fitz         
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  new          
  Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  1.5          
 Component:  content   |     Version:  nightly/trunk
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Changes (by sussman):

  * owner:  sussman => fitz
  * summary:  ch06: Document SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn directive =>
              ch09: Document SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn


 Mike:  chapter 6 doesn't actually document every mod_dav_svn directive;
 it just discusses on the common ones.  There are at least a couple only
 mentioned in chapter 9.  Given that we don't mention 'skelta' update
 philosophy (or even *mention* serf) anywhere in the book, it seems best to
 list it with other obscure-ish directives in ch09.

 Assigning to Fitz.  Fitz:  this directive was recently added by cmpilato.
 Basically, it *forces* mod_dav_svn to return 'skeletal' checkout/update
 responses, so that the client has to GET every single file.  Clearly, this
 is already the norm for serf (which does it in parallel, using
 pipelining).  Neon handles it fine too, reverting to very old old old
 behavior (which GETs every file, but not in parallel!)  Why would someone
 want to turn this on?  Better auditing for corporations:  the apache
 access_log shows a GET of every single file being checked out, rather than
 just a single REPORT response.  Put a paragraph similar to this in the
 ch09 mod_dav_svn directives section.

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