post-revprop-change Hook Script Standard Input

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Wed Sep 3 23:33:52 CDT 2008

Bohmont, Brent wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been a long-time Subversion user and have depended upon the
> Subversion book for both usage and administration information. It has
> been an invaluable companion over the past four years.
> While setting up hook scripts for my new Subversion server, I ran across
> a inconsistency in the Chapter 9 documentation for the
> post-revprop-change repository hook. At the end of the end of this entry
> it states that the previous property value is passed to the hook script
> via standard input. It appears that this is in fact the new property
> value. This is apparently by design and was implemented in March, 2004
> (see

Actually, the text is correct.  The pre-revprop-change hook gets the
proposed new property value via STDIN because it can already get the current
value by asking the repository for it.  But the post-revprop-change hooks
gets the *previous* value of the property via STDIN for the opposite reason:
as the change has already occurred, the script can easily lookup the new
value in the repository.

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