Changelist analogy confusing

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That looks good, thanks.

On your change log:

> Tweak some wording to avoid implying untrue things only revealed as
>   untrue if the reader keeps reading long enough to hit the
>   . o O ( Huh? ) 

These two sections seemed odd to me precisely because I didn't read the
docs in a linear manner.  I read around a bit, and then went back to
read it properly.  Maybe these sections weren't meant to be reference
material in that way, but as they are so easy to read I have come back
to them frequently.


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James Kistruck wrote:
> Sure.
> I can't produce you a patch, but here is some sample text that would 
> make more sense to me.

James, I used your suggested edit locations, but took a slightly
different approach in r3293.  I hope the result meets your criteria:

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