Two typos and a correction [PATCH]

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Fri Sep 12 09:47:40 CDT 2008

Alex Purins wrote:
> Michael:
> So be it - but I disagree with relying on surrounding text to implicitly
> correct a gratuitous and blatantly false statement.
> Gratuitous because dropping it (and slightly rewording for better flow) to
> have simply "This is why Subversion is so often used in software development
> environments— it makes collaboration with other programmers easy."
> would not detract one iota from the document.
> False because programming is an inherently private, singular task, with
> others becoming involved only on those occasions when it proves difficult
> (which is admittedly all the time for some developers) or when it would take
> too long done by one person.

Yes, programming is inherently private when you look only at the act of
typing characters into a text editor, yes.

What we were getting at was that "software development" -- in the context of
a team of more than one person working on a piece of software -- is social.
 Your every committed keystroke has the potential to affect your teammates.
 It was wrong, though, to omit the bits that explicitly called out the
more-than-one-person-ness of the image we were trying to convey.  So I
changed the text to read:

   working in a development team is an inherently social ...

where "team" is the key word there.

(I also committed your nice catch of s/affect/effect/.  Thanks.)

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