[PATCH] Add the svnsync info subcommand

Chris Foote cafoote at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 19:17:08 CST 2009


The attached patch adds the svnsync info subcommand that was added to 1.6.


Add the svnsync info subcommand.

* src/en/book/ch05-repository-admin.xml
  (svn.reposadmin.maint.tk.svnsync): Subversion 1.4 should be past tense.
    Add the info subcommand to the help output.
  (svn.reposadmin.maint.replication): In the bookkeeping sidebar mention
    the new svnsync info subcommand for displaying the properties.
* src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml
  (svn.ref.svnsync.sw): Add the --trust-server-cert option.
  (svn.ref.svnsync.c.copy-revprops): Ditto.
  (svn.ref.svnsync.c.init): Ditto.
  (svn.ref.svnsync.c.sync): Ditto.
  (svn.ref.svnsync.c.info): New. Add the svnsync info subcommand.

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