Issue 41 in svnbook: Inconsistent links from subcommand help to reference chapter

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Tue Mar 31 10:51:52 CDT 2009

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New issue 41 by quinntay... at Inconsistent links from subcommand  
help to reference chapter


Lines 887-888

The xref outputs as "svn status" in plain text, but with a link to a  
description of the svn status
command in Chapter 9. I expected to see "svn help status" in bold  
monospace, as"svn help update"
appears on line 494. It would be nice if both read "svn help ___" and  
linked to the relevant section in
Chapter 9 with an <xref> tag. (svn.ref.svn.c.status and  
svn.ref.svn.c.update respectively.) This way,
anyone reading printed copy will know what to type at the command line, and  
online readers who
happen to click the link will jump to the correct section.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with DocBook, so I don't have a patch.

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