Issue 12 in svnbook: Use proper quote signs and apostrophes

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Comment #3 on issue 12 by cmpilato: Use proper quote signs and apostrophes

On the contrary, I believe clearly defined "start" and "end" delimiters do  
add value
(if only a small bit) to the text.  Imagine editing HTML where the tag  
were not < and >, but just a single character whose "start" and "end" you  
had to
track contextually:

   |html||head||title|My title|/title||/head|
   |body||p|1 lily is too little, but
   |span style="font-style: italic;"|3|/span| lilies
   is too much.|/p||/body||/html|

Of course, you have to be careful to only use it in the prose of the book,  
not in
command-line examples where perhaps the ASCII double-quote is required for  
operation.  And realistically speaking, we aren't likely (note  
the "unlikely"
Milestone) to make this kind of a sweeping change.

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