Missing a vector

Bob McConnell rmcconne at lightlink.com
Wed Nov 24 09:01:05 CST 2010

Good morning,

I have just begun reading the book online, and found there is no obvious 
entry path suggestion for my case. In "How to Read This Book", there are 
several suggested paths, but none for the new administrator. The 
individual I am talking about has several years experience using several 
different version control systems at work, but none as an administrator. 
In my case that would span TLIB, PVCS, and currently Perforce. But with 
no experience as an administrator, I am somewhat at a loss where to 
begin configuring a server for my home network. I don't believe this is 
an uncommon situation.

To give you some idea where I am coming from, I have several computers 
running various distributions of Linux and BSD Unix. Some are simply 
file storage with disk space (>2TiB), others are running various 
services, such as Apache and PostgreSQL. I have NetBeans/PHP on one 
workstation, NetBeans/Java on another, pgAdminIII on a couple, and all 
have Perl and gcc. I also have jdbc and Perl DBI drivers installed. I 
use this network as a platform to learn various tools, servers and 
languages. I am also experimenting with several projects of my own. But 
Samba doesn't always provide a clean way to transfer files between 
systems, and doesn't help at all with tracking where I made the last set 
of changes, or if they got copied to the system I am on. So I need to 
set up a VCS of my own to keep better track of my work.

I have NetBeans projects for both PHP and Java, disorganized C code and 
Perl scripts, assorted SQL and text files, most of which will not be in 
project trees now, but may need to be moved into them later.

I have already installed subversion 1.6.11 on Slackware/64 13.1 using 
the normal tool (slackpkg). So where should I start?

Thank you,

Bob McConnell

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