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I was excited to find the book about SVN. However, the section on common
workflow seems to address only developers, not the broader context of
defects-their detection, defect id creation and entry, and then somehow
including the defect id as a marker in SVN both before making code changes
and then when deploying changes from the repository for only some subset of
defect code that has been checked in.


Have I missed the where to RTFM about this broader context? How is this list
coordinating the Google List with SVN? 

How do you currently coordinate the Google defects capture with SVN for this

(I did a fair amount of googling defect / ticket system and SVN but haven't
really seen process/procedure, only that various ticket systems seem to have
some kind of integration support to SVN). 


In the "Basic Work Cycle" how do you include the id from a defect in SVN?
With branches somehow? 

1. Update your working copy.

. svn update

2. Make changes.

. svn add

. svn delete

. svn copy

. svn move

3. Examine your changes.

. svn status

. svn diff

4. Possibly undo some changes.

. svn revert

5. Resolve conflicts (merge others' changes).

. svn update

. svn resolve

6. Commit your changes.

. svn commit


??Migrate code for defect ids 1, 4, 7 to an environment. Do not migrate code
for 2,3,5,6. How identify 1, 4, 7 in SVN? 


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