Typos in 'Version Control With Subversion'

Steve Eppley SEppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Sat Nov 27 02:45:45 CST 2010


I noticed some grammatical errors/typos in 
"Version Control With Subversion." (The 
nightly build downloaded on November 26, 2010.)

    "What makes the repository special is
    that these as the files in the repository
    are changed"
       -- The word "these" doesn't belong.

    "A version control system's value comes
    in the fact"
       -- Should be "A version control
    system's value comes from the fact."

    "its via working copies"
       -- Missing apostrophe; should be "it's
    via working copies."

If I spot any more errors as I continue 
reading, I'll let you know.

An omission?  In the section How To Read This 
Book, unmentioned is the unlucky reader who 
needs to install and administer a Subversion 
server but doesn't yet have any such 
experience. (In other words, people like 
me.)  The only inexperienced readers listed 
are those lucky enough to have someone else 
install and administer the server.

Regards and best wishes,
Steve Eppley
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