Issue 81 in svnbook: ch04: Update feature branches from trunk

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Thu Jul 7 16:14:30 CDT 2011

	Status: Invalid

Comment #4 on issue 81 by ptbu... at ch04: Update feature branches  
from trunk

Are suggesting removal of the quoted paragraph or the entire feature branch  

If the former: It is an analogy which may or may not make understanding  
easier for everyone.  I don't find it particularly helpful, but neither do  
I find it harmful to understanding feature branch use.

If the latter: The feature branch approach documented in the book works  
very well for a great many users.  I've spoken with many customers who use  
it effectively.  So that section is staying.  That's *not* to say that it  
is a good solution for your particular use case (which honestly I don't  
quite follow), but users at would be a better place to  
discuss this.

Closing as invalid.

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