Issue 87 in svnbook: ch06: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

svnbook at svnbook at
Fri Jul 8 11:46:51 CDT 2011

Comment #18 on issue 87 by cmpil... at ch06: mention 'htdigest'  
tool when mentioning digest auth

<programlisting> is more accurate when displaying file contents, where we  
try to use <screen> for command-line transcripts.  There are  
inconsistencies of this sort in the source code today, but that's outside  
the scope of your content improvements.

As with </screen>, </programlisting> should be aligned with column zero of  
the source code.  (If indented, those spaces are treated as literal  
contents of the listing.)

Please don't switch formal <example>'s to <informalexample>'s!  Besides  
losing the ability to caption the example, we lose the ability to reference  
the example from elsewhere (including the table of contents).  In fact,  
over time, I'd like to do more of the reverse conversion where it makes  
sense to do so.

I guess, in summary, maybe you could focus on content changes rather than  
markup ones?  :-)

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