[svnbook] r3907 committed - Finish issue #107 ("ch03: Revision specifiers may require quotes")....

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Tue Jul 12 13:24:31 CDT 2011

Revision: 3907
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Tue Jul 12 11:23:54 2011
Log:      Finish issue #107 ("ch03: Revision specifiers may require  

* src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml
   (svn.tour.revs.dates): Use an admonishment block to point our the
     need to escape or quote whitespace and, in some cases, curly
     braces used in revision date specifiers.


--- /trunk/src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	Wed Jul  6 10:15:54 2011
+++ /trunk/src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	Tue Jul 12 11:23:54 2011
@@ -215,8 +215,7 @@
          specifiers wrapped in curly braces (<literal>{</literal> and
          <literal>}</literal>).  Subversion accepts the standard
          ISO-8601 date and time formats, plus a few others.  Here are
-        some examples.  (Remember to use quotes around any date that
-        contains spaces.)</para>
+        some examples./para>

@@ -234,7 +233,16 @@
+      <note>
+        <para>Keep in mind that most shells will require you to, at a
+          minimum, quote or otherwise escape any spaces that are
+          included as part of revision date specifiers.  Certain
+          shells may also take issue with the unescaped use of curly
+          brances, too.  Consult your shell's documentation for the
+          requirements specific to your environment.</para>
+      </note>
        <para>When you specify a date, Subversion resolves that date to
          the most recent revision of the repository as of that date,
          and then continues to operate against that resolved revision

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