Issue 87 in svnbook: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

svnbook at svnbook at
Wed Jul 6 08:44:42 CDT 2011

Comment #11 on issue 87 by cmpil... at mention 'htdigest' tool when  
mentioning digest auth

Wow!  I didn't expect you'd be so willing to resubmit the patch (given that  
it's not your fault it doesn't apply).  But since you asked...

I think your original change description pretty much dictates how one might  
deliver a series of focused patches:

    "In addition to improving the Digest authentication section, I also made
    various other improvements, including expanding the SSL section and  
    it below Authorization."


Patch #1: Improve the Digest auth section.
Patch #2: Expand the SSL section.
Patch #3: Move the SSL section below Authorization.

If it was me, I'd whip up a little Subversion repository and check in  
successive copies of the file at I reached each of the above milestones,  
then create patches from diffs of successive revisions.  (Also known  
as "really poor man's really poor approximation of DVCS".)  Alternatively,  
you could just send the first patch and wait for me to apply it before  
moving on to the next one.  (I'm actively working on the book these days,  
so you shouldn't suffer any long delays here.)

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