Suggested paragraph change in Chapter 4 just before figure 4.3.

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> Re: Index.  Can I help?  How?

The book sources are all just Docbook XML.  I edit them in Emacs, but any
text editor will do.  If you are able to get setup with a build environment
for the book, I think you'll find the mechanics of adding index entries
fairly easy.  I mean, you just drop tags like the following into the code:


And the build process does the rest.

Information about getting book sources is here:

Information about building the book sources is here:

Conventions we use when hacking on the book sources are here:

Just make your tweaks against the latest trunk sources, run 'svn diff' to
generate a patch, and mail the patch to this mailing list.

Currently the indexterm tags in the codebase are dropped in before the
paragraphs which contain their target.  A better approach might be to put
the tags inside the paragraphs, as close to the exact target text as
possible.  But that can complicate 80-column source formatting, so ... I've
not decided to make that leap just yet.

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