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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Thu Jul 7 22:17:59 CDT 2011

On 07/07/2011 08:38 PM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> C. Michael Pilato wrote on Thu, Jul 07, 2011 at 20:37:42 -0400:
>> On 07/07/2011 07:53 PM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>>> +    <!-- TODO: This was fixed in Subversion 1.7: it does
>>>> +         case-sensitive comparison against the section headers. -->
>>>> +    <warning>
>>>> +      <para>Subversion treats repository names and paths in a
>>> s/treats/1.6 and earlier treats/
>> The current book efforts cover 1.6.  Yes, I'm a bit behind the times.
> Yes, but the people who are going to read this (it's the current nightly
> right?) aren't behind the times.

Yes.  And there's a reason that the nightly build has [DRAFT] plastered all
over it, and why the website always favors the latest completed text rather
than the nightly build.  The book's trunk has never claimed to be in sync
with the latest version of Subversion, period.  It has always been
specifically targeted at a fixed Subversion major release.  Because
Subversion's trunk changes much faster than the book ever will, and because
it's pointless to document realities that aren't available to 99% of the
Subversion-using public (the ones that aren't running trunk at HEAD Subversion
code), that's how the management of the book will remain.

My plan is to wrap up known 1.6 documentation changes, immediately branch,
and then trunk will start evolving to cover Subversion 1.7.  Where my plan
differs from svnbook code management plans in the past is that I will not
tag the 1.6 version and freeze it like we have previous versions -- I will
branch it and allow that branch to live on to accept future corrections.  As
with Subversion itself, I could branch now -- but that just creates merge
burdens.  (And trust me, if you think merging Subversion source code from
trunk to 1.6.x is tricky, try managing documentation changes in Docbook XML!)

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