Issue 87 in svnbook: ch06: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

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Fri Jul 8 12:27:31 CDT 2011

Comment #19 on issue 87 by quinntay... at ch06: mention 'htdigest'  
tool when mentioning digest auth

I figured that <screen> was for command-line I/O, but didn't realize that  
<programlisting> should be used for all files. I saw that it was used for  
scripts, but config files are sort of a gray area. I only indented the  
latter because some instances were already indented. I prefer the look when  
the closing tag is left-aligned.

I can preserve the <example>'s you've recently added, although to be  
honest, it seems a bit heavy-handed to caption and reference such examples,  
particularly in a chapter where there are so many little snippets. Further,  
all 12 of the other <example> tags in other chapters contain code (e.g. C,  
Python, bash, .bat) rather than config. It's your call, but personally I  
think this chapter flows much better with <informalexample>.

Sure, I can focus on content, I was just trying to help improve the markup  
as I went. :-)

In the spirit of separating markup and content, here is a diff that  
replaces <screen> with <programlisting> for file contents throughout this  

	screen-to-programlisting.diff  17.6 KB

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